Are you ready to accelerate?

Are you considering new plans for your business?

Smart Accelerator - LanarkshireYou are possibly in the early stages of starting a new business or at a point in your business growth cycle where you need to refocus to accelerate your business to the next stage?

In last month’s blog Accelerating your business to success I looked at what an Accelerator is and introduced you to the Smart Accelerator programme which has seen entrepreneurs in Lanarkshire come through the programme and go on to sustained success.

Many businesses ask me what the criteria is to be considered as a candidate for the programme, so I thought I’d share what you need (and what you don’t need) to be part of the Smart Accelerator Programme. Companies need to have….

• A robust, sustainable business and financial model
• A clearly defined product or service for which there is a market need
• Clearly defined target market
• Strong management team to support the growth of the business

What companies don’t need….

• A 3-year trading history (we accept start-ups as well as established businesses)
• Paying customers
• Profits – we support companies who are profitable as well as those who aren’t!

I have seen entrepreneurs who have the drive and ambition needed to create a successful, sustainable businesses excel on the Smart Accelerator, as well as entrepreneurs who have the early seedlings of a clearly defined product or service and a ready-made market, launch with confidence and drive.

The Smart Accelerator Programme takes companies through various steps, working with industry experts to look at business strategy, finance, branding & marketing, sales & sales pipeline and of course people. Through a programme of workshops and 1:1 meetings, entrepreneurs are provided with advice and mentoring support to help them create a sustainable action plan to help launch or boost a product and gain market share.

If you think your business is ready to accelerate and you want to be considered for our next programme starting in February 2018, get in touch or speak to your Business Gateway Advisor. If this isn’t right for you and you know another entrepreneur who could possible fit the criteria, feel free to share this with them.